Unmissable Summer Jewelry Trends 2023 by Chow Sang Sang


2023 Get Ready for Summer!

With Covid restrictions finally lifted, the global fashion scene is livelier than ever! Fashion brands, celebrities, models, and influencers have once again come out to showcase the latest Spring/Summer Designs. Liven up your outfit with an array o Chow Sang Sang’s  jewellery accessories exuding rejuvenation and summer spirit!


Chow Sang Sang’s  Summer Accessories features

Statement Earrings

Earrings are once again necessary accessories for the summer after being freed from masks.

This season’s trends favor larger, swaying designs that draw attentions, whether in 999.9 gold, 18K gold with diamonds, or colored gems.

Statement Earrings


Bracelets worn solo or stacked

For the season of sleeveless or short-sleeved clothing, bracelets are a must-have.

Wear one bracelet by itself for a chic, understated look, or stack several for maximum impact.

Bracelets worn solo or stacked


Rings that pop

Wearing jewelry to add a touch of oomph this summer as minimalism is the dominant fashion trend.

Particularly rings with striking design elements, including huge pearls, three-dimensional butterflies, and flower forms, which go flawlessly with summer clothing.

Rings that pop


Minimalistic jewellery that lasts forever

This summer, timeless cleanliness also makes a return in addition to whimsical patterns.


Many unisex pieces also allow each partner to wear or switch, whether it’s a diamond with a straightforward design, a tennis bracelet with a row of diamonds, or a set of diamond earrings that will sparkle all summer.

Minimalistic jewellery that lasts forever


Whether for everyday wear or attending significant occasions, the trending jewellery accessories of summer 2023 will elevate your look and serve as indispensable fashion embellishments. Explore the Chow Sang Sang Online shop today to let your summer heart fall upon the piece that most connects with your own “spirit of summer” and be the centre of attention at every summertime event or occasion!

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