Designer Bags For Women To Look Stylish


Designer bags for women are one of the biggest proofs that style and luxury statements are not restricted to clothes and shoes anymore. A smart, modern woman like you need arm candies which can complete your look with oodles of sophistication, charm and elegance. So here is a look at what to expect when you are shopping for branded bags online.

Top Brands, Colors and Patterns

Coach, Michael Kors, Ted Baker, Ralph Lauren, Guess, Kenneth Cole, Armani Exchange, Furla, Cole Haan, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein and Kate Spade are some of the major fashion houses offering designer handbags. Available in delicious hues like black, brown, gold, silver, gray, red, pink, blue, white, beige, orange and more, it might get hard to pick just one.

Bags are offered in solid colors or may flaunt trendy patterns like floral, stripes, animal prints, checks, polka, shiny metallic finish, color block or quilted look.


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Types of Bags and Features

You can buy branded handbags for every occasion or purpose, like office, shopping, casual or formal parties, hanging out with friends, weddings, travel and so on. Popular styles comprise of totes, satchels, clutches, crossbody bags, wallets, wristlets, bucket bags and hobos.

Bags may come with detachable straps, top handles, and embellishments like tassels, fringes, decorative buckles, studs, chains, bows, charms or have the brand logo printed all over it. Depending on a bag’s or wallet’s size or style, it may come with multiple pockets or slots to accommodate all your essentials. Some may have external pockets to hold stuff that you need to access quickly.

The usual materials you are likely to come across while shopping for designer bags online are, genuine leather, faux leather, premium PVC, canvas and nylon. Even shapes can be interesting and you can get round or oval styles besides rectangular, square or trapezoidal.


I SAW IT FIRST - Affordable and on-trend fashion pieces to all


How To Make Your Bag Look Hotter?

Since these luxury bags do cost a pretty penny, you might feel like decorating or accessorizing them and taking some extra bit of care. So a few online fashion retailers also give handbag companions like versatile and funky bag charms, handbag storage organizers, bag scarves, and cleaners and moisturizer for leather care. A scarf can not only lend a sexy touch to a simple bag it can also protect the handles. Leather care products will extend the longevity of your darling bag.


So what are you waiting for? Watch others go green with envy when you step out carrying your luxury handbag, with spring in your steps.


I SAW IT FIRST – Affordable and on-trend fashion pieces to all

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