How to Choose the Right Gemstone


There is an old saying that a diamond is a girl’s best friend and in many cases, this has some truth to it. If you are somebody that is interested in taking care of your significant other, there is likely to come a time when you will want to choose a diamond that is going to be right for them.

What are some of the things that you should look for and how do you know that you are choosing a diamond that is going to be perfect? Here are some suggestions that can help you to get started in choosing the right gemstone.

First of all, it’s important for you to understand a little bit about diamond values. There are many Missouri jewelers that are going to be able to help you to understand about the value of diamonds but not all of them are going to provide you with the same information. After all, they are in business to make a profit but you would not want them to profit at your misfortune. That is why it is a good idea for you to educate yourself in advance of going in the jewelry store so that you can make a decision on your own.


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One important thing for you to know is the four C’s of diamonds. These are clarity, cut, color and carat weight. Each of these four factors is going to help you to determine the value of the diamond as well as how it is going to look when it is on their finger. Of course, the most important of those “Cs” is going to be the cut of the diamond.

This is something that is generally determined by the person that is going to be wearing it. You should also have a general idea for the caret weight of the diamond that is going to be purchased. Although you can give-and-take a little bit when it comes to the carat weight, you should have a general idea so that you can set it as a target.


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The color and clarity of the diamond can be adjusted to a certain extent so that you will be able to get more of a quality gemstone that is still within your budget. You may also be able to adjust the carat weight so that it is just below a whole carat, as that will make a significant difference in the price. One final thing that you should change is the cut of the diamond, although you are rarely going to be able to make a change in that regard because it is a personal choice made by the recipient.

There are always going to be options that are available which will help you to be happier with the stone that you chose. It could be that you can play with the setting of the diamond and add smaller gemstones alongside of it in order to accentuate its looks. Just make sure that you are happy with your choice, as it is often a one-time choice that you will live with for a lifetime.


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