The Top Handbags For New Moms


If there’s one thing mom can’t go without, that’s a handbag. It doesn’t matter what age is her little one, but you can’t expect to tend to his needs as well as all your other obligations without a proper handbag. The thing is, mom’s handbags don’t necessarily need to be so pretty, but the design is equally vital as it’s usefulness. For moms, all they want in a bag is something that has as many pockets as possible. Below are some of the top handbags for every new mom.

Realer Bucket Purse

If you’re not into leather bags but love how they feel and look, this one will be your next favorite. Designed with moms on the mind, the upper part has a durable zipper, making stealing from this handbag is almost impossible. There’s another zip on the side, which hides a pocket perfect for your keys, wallet, or phone. Plus, you can access it right away, making it excellent for items you need frequently.


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Myhozee Women Tote Crossbody Bag

This bag is for those moms who can’t always be satisfied. Moms love tote bags as they provide enough space for everything a young mother could imagine putting into a purse. Plus, it holds enough space for their laptop or tablet. Not to mention, the everyday things, such as water bottles and other stuff like snacks in the form of a sandwich.

Yaluxe Soft Leather Vintage Style Tote Shoulder Bag

For moms who want a purse with plenty of spaces, then you should consider this. Below, are two large pockets, two extra open pockets, and another combination of the two on the front end. This bag is made of cow leather fused with gunmetal hardware. Another thing about this bag is it comes with handles that are long enough, so you can carry it over your shoulder. Moreover, this handbag is quite good looking and looks like premium products thanks to its design and quality. The downfall side is it folds over when not in use.

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Michael Kors Voyager Small Crossgrain Leather Tote Bag

This bag comes in one size, and that is what makes it perfect! It offers enough to pack all of your necessities. Despite being small in space, it still provides one center, two main pockets, two smaller ones on the back end, six tiny ones up in the front, and positioned below the zipper. The moms who will use this bag praise their simple design and compatibility, with several gimmicks in the form of smaller pockets.

Michael Kors Jet Set Large Logo Tote

If you’re looking for comfort in a bag, then you’re in the right place. What makes this bag perfect for moms is that it offers comfort and neat design. You have a gigantic pocket on the side, which can take up to six credit cards, while the inside has enough depth. It has a key-chain on the side, which makes the small detail everything. With this little nitpick, you are sure to never lose keys or have trouble finding them. It also comes in different colors, from black, brown, beige, and the most popular one, misty rose.


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